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The clean pristine and white sandy beaches of Betalbatim are accessible to guests in two convenient direction. On one side through hedges of foliage grooves of banana and coconut trees, on the right hand side one would get Martins Corner Restaurant, Fishka’s Restaurant which is a cool 8-10 minute walk to the beach past A’s Holiday Beach Resort and Café Bada Bing also owned by the A’s Group and in the other direction is a 12 minute walk from a well paved pathway that passes through the famous pub and garden grill restaurant the ‘New Town’ and on to the beach.

You can relax comfortably and meet friends and families with your favorite drink on the beach where located are beach shack restaurants and bars that offers a delectable choice of sea-food as well as international cuisine. For an evening or night out, the happening places like Martins Corner Restaurant, The New Town Pub and Grill, Fishka’s Grill Restaurant, Camron the Russian Restaurant nad Casa Nostra Restaurant are within a 5 minute walking distance and incase you feeling lazy and wish to chill out with your own drinks stocked in the fridge or wanna cook your own meals, then the full fledged kitchen with all the possible gadgets and amenities awaits you or you could order your favorite dishes from our Ala-carte Menu that’s gonna be prepare by our in-house chef-de-party.